Joining process

Key words�

01 Consultation about joining matters Free supporting materials (such as corporate brochures, product manuals, investment manuals, leaflets, promotional CDs, etc., are selectively provided according to different situations), which can be mailed or delivered.


02 Contact of intention to join by phone and letter, in-depth communication with franchisees, and understanding of the overall situation of customers.


03 Customer strength investigation The company went to the franchisees to conduct inspections and evaluations, fill in the evaluation form of intended customers, and initially reached a cooperation intention.


04 On-site inspection of enterprises The company invites franchisees to conduct on-site inspections of enterprises.


05 Sign the franchise contract The two parties have in-depth negotiation and negotiation and sign the franchise contract.


06 Paying the security deposit Pay the security deposit to the company in accordance with the requirements of market management standardization.


07 Regional market research The franchisee cooperates with the company's regional manager to conduct preliminary market research on the local market.


08 Store decoration. Store selection and lease contract signing.


09 Team formation According to the development needs of regional marketing work and contract requirements, recruit and form a staff team.


10 Company training The company sends personnel to the regional market to guide or organize personnel to the company headquarters to participate in training.


11 The first batch of purchases Confirm the variety and quantity of the purchases, and the store will purchase the first batches.


12 Official opening The company sent staff to celebrate the opening of the store on behalf of the company


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