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    Guangdong Qiaoben New Material Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese. We are forging ahead in a new era, shouldering a new mission and starting a new journey. A one-stop high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and construction application services of healthy coating products.


  As a pioneer in the research, promotion and application of architectural coatings, Qiaoben Company adopts the world's advanced experimental, production, testing and coating equipment, and is the first to use modern information technology and automation technology to build an intelligent factory. It has been committed to the work of "developing the environmental protection industry, promoting energy-saving products, and striving to improve and enhance people's living environment", and has maintained high-tech cooperation and exchanges with many famous international paint companies for a long time. The company takes architectural coatings and painting as its core competitiveness, and adheres to the group operation mode of industry specialization and field diversification. At present, the company produces a series of products: Qiaoben brand and Jialaishi brand internal and external wall environmental protection architectural coatings Series, energy-saving paint series, seaweed mud series, art paint series, water-based wood paint series, solvent-based decoration paint series, furniture paint series, floor paint series, water-based anti-rust paint series and more than 2000 products. Years of concentrated scientific research have enabled Qiaoben's products to maintain the advanced level of the coatings industry for a long time. The three-in-one energy-saving exterior wall paint was identified as a domestic leader by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and won the third prize of provincial scientific and technological achievements. The company has three invention patents, namely, negative ion zinc air purification wall paint, three-in-one energy-saving exterior wall paint and anti-alkali and anti-cracking exterior wall paint.


    Qiaoben company adheres to the concept of health and environmental protection and attaches great importance to product quality. It is the first in the industry to pass ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, China environmental labeling product certification, and 3C certification for solvent-based wood paint products. In 2006 Obtained the first batch of production safety licenses in Guangdong Province, and was the first to pass the energy-saving mark product certification in 2007. On July 1, 2010, it was recognized as a "China Well-known Trademark". As a United Nations registered supplier, Qiaoben paint has strictly implemented international standards and safety indicators for inspection and control since the product was launched on the market. Its excellent and stable product quality has been recognized by the industry and the majority of users. Over the years, it has won many honors: China Quality Assurance Enterprise, Guangdong Private Technology Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise, Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise, Civilized and Honest Enterprise, Advanced Collective of Legal Publicity and Education, etc.


    With a good brand image, excellent product quality and worry-free service capabilities throughout the process, Qiaoben Company continues to grow and develop. Network sales centers and service management centers have been established all over the country, and have always adhered to the corporate values ​​of "customer success, innovation as the key, integrity and responsibility", and established a good rapid response service management mechanism for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. , Insist on ensuring that the Qiaoben sales system across the country can meet customer needs with "intimate" service and ensure customer satisfaction.


    Since its establishment, Qiaoben has been adhering to the concept of taking the initiative to take the initiative, actively participating in social welfare activities and charity, and giving back to the society. In September 2007, the Qiaoben Love Foundation was established. With the purpose of helping the poor, caring for disadvantaged groups, and paying attention to education, the foundation promotes charitable projects such as helping the poor, helping the elderly, helping doctors and fighting disasters, and actively spreading positive social energy.


    After 20 years of development, Qiaoben company has accumulated its own unique corporate culture, adheres to customer-centered, striver-oriented, adheres to the values ​​of love for work, unity and cooperation, and the pursuit of perfection, in order to improve the living environment Corporate mission. Qiao himself revolves around innovation-driven development, does not forget his original aspiration, forge ahead with the strategic goals of previous behaviors, realizes value-added for customers with professional technology and excellent service, and strives to build the company into a company that is the first choice of customers, pride of employees, respect of peers, and social recognition.


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